Reflections photography was not a planned venture, it was born from a stirring of creativity that was coming alive inside of me. The more I blogged for the more intoxicated I became to use beautiful, creative photographs and imagery to accompany my words, and the more I wanted that imagery to be my own. The more I created the more invigorated and driven I became.


I am not a trained photographer, nor do I claim to be even very good at it, but what does it matter when I am happy and fulfilled? I find that I look at the world as a series of stories and images, I see something different, or beautiful and I want to stop and photograph it, it’s like I feel compelled to capture the essence that I see. Whether it is my writing, or my photography I love creating something from nothing but a vision, it’s like capturing an energy from a moment in time, that I then get to share on my websites.

I dream of living in a world where people can use their passion and creativity freely, and for doing good in our world. I dream of inspiring people to be true to themselves, to have a dream and follow it, to live their authentic truth. For many years I held myself back for fear of others judgement, or my own judgement, and for the fear of failing, until I realised I was failing myself by not being who I was truly meant to be. This is not a means of financial gain for me, it is me living my passion, it is me being my truth.

I hope to inspire you to unlock your creativity, your truth, as long as what you are doing isn’t hurting anyone then why stop yourself from living life to its fullest. Whether it is photography, writing, speaking, painting, sculpting, building, design, or music, wherever your creativity lies, follow your path, follow your dreams, live and be free.

Be your own truth, mg



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Photographs taken using Nikon D3200. Lenses DX 35mm F 1.8, DX 18-55mm F 3.5-5.6, and DX 55-300mm F4.5-5.6.

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