Art is expression, creativity, emotion, imagination, it is a vehicle of communication through personal interpretation of the world, of our dreams and our visions. Art can be expressed through a lens, through words, on a canvas, through sculptures, movement, illustrations, and voice. Art is constrained only by our imagination, art is our style, our individuality, it is in essence, truly limitless!

We are emotional beings by design, we all experience a range of emotions and through art we can express them and allow our visions and dreams to come to life. Through art we can create, we become free to be our true self, to share our deepest thoughts and feelings. It can be exposing, and can make us feel incredibly vulnerable, but if you dare to create you can feel more empowered and free than you ever dreamed possible!

Through this series of photographs I have been free to create, to dream, to allow my visions to come alive through the lens, and in some cases through Photoshop. What I love about Art is the freedom, it’s like being able to play and create like when I was a child, no restrictions just fun! Whatever your creative vision, embrace it, and be true to who your are, give yourself the freedom to create,

be your own truth, mg