Hollys Modelling studio


Hi I’m Holly-Rose *cutest dog ever* I am the puppy with ambition! I’m smart, super cute, cheeky, adorable, and I love to blog! Yep you read it right I am a blogging dog, genius right? I also love to chew things, especially toes, I have a toe obsession, (well I am a puppy you know). Anyway I hope you and your awesome pets can come by and check out my website dogblog.reflectionsfromme.com  and see what I’ve been up to!

This portfolio is where I will upload all the cutest photos of me and my adventures, and photos of my bestest friends! Just warning you though there’s a lot of cuteness to handle here *insert puppy wink here* Bow wow for now, hugs and licks Holly *cutest dog ever*


Please look after your pets, they need lots of love and attention.

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