Photography is a non verbal medium, yet when we look at a photograph it speaks to us, when we see the expression on someone’s face, or the way they hold themselves we understand exactly how they felt in the moment that the lens captured their image. What can take so many words to convey, can be felt instantaneously in a photograph.

I am a writer, I write for my blog, and for many other people across the world, it is my passion, sharing my thoughts, inspiring others, I love it! But what can take me hours to put into words can be said and felt with just a look.

When I see images of children suffering from the devastation of natural disasters, disease, or famine I feel their pain, they don’t need words, it is all in their eyes. When I see a child accomplish a difficult task, or when their parent returns from a day at work the words they can not say are expressed on their faces. Pride, love, fear, sadness, laughter, devastation, hope, curiosity, and confusion are all captured in a single image.

This is what I love about photography, I love capturing a moment in time that is so real, so raw, a look that would be forgotten is suddenly captured for a lifetime.

I love photographing people when they are just being themselves, many people become self concious as soon as the camera is turned toward them, they worry about their hair, a wrinkle, they suck in their stomach, or some just run away. It can be hard to avoid having your photograph taken these days with mobile phones doubling as cameras, but my advice, don’t run away, we are all beautiful, we are all unique, and I believe we are at our best when are just being ourselves.

I photograph people for many reasons, but these are a few of the main ones, I love capturing a person’s true self, I love emotion. I love watching the subject’s face light up when they see the a beautiful image I have captured of them, or a parent’s reaction to seeing a exquisite image I have taken of their child. I love photographing people because I love sharing memories, bringing people together, sharing emotions, sharing art, it is not a job, it is a passion, life is art, I am passionate about sharing that art,

be your own truth, mg